275 combined chases and Hulu documentary shot


Updates surrounding the devastating Astroworld festival on November 5 keep coming, and the most recent of these concerns the Texas Supreme Court.

On December 3, a motion was filed to consolidate all pending cases against Travis Scott and the other parties involved in the event (Live Nation Entertainment Company, Drake, Apple Music and NRG Stadium). Lawyers for both parties have agreed to combine the 275 current active cases and more than 1,250 plaintiffs into one comprehensive case. This action has been referred to as the “Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (MDL)” in the legal documentation of the Astroworld litigation.

As Billboard reported, this “type of consolidation requested on Friday is standard procedure in mass injury trials, in an effort to avoid the inefficiency of individually adjudicating many cases that share key similarities.”

This step in the wake of Astroworld comes after the streaming platform, Hulu, removed a documentary about the festival from its site. The film was a 50 minute special titled Astroworld: Hell Concert. The widespread backlash on social media led to this movie being completely removed from the streaming site.

A viral tweet which contributed to this deletion reads: “Hulu making a documentary on Astroworld is in bad taste all around. People still bury their loved ones. The legal proceedings have not even started. Great documentaries are made when all the facts are exposed. Not enough time has passed to fully discuss it.

Shortly after this backlash, a Hulu spokesperson clarified the origin of the documentary and commented on its subsequent deletion. “This was an ABC13 / KTRK-TV local news investigative special in Houston, initially airing on November 20. It was not a Hulu documentary and has since been deleted to avoid confusion, ”the statement read. This comment has been given to Hollywood journalist.

Photo by Erika Goldring / WireImage.


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