ABBA Sues “Parasitic” Cover Band


ABBA sued the British ABBA MANIA tribute for trademark infringement.

In a December 3 complaint, the Swedish pop quartet claimed the cover band intentionally misleads fans into believing they are approved by the real ABBA, calling their actions “spurious and bad faith” .

“The defendants include the terms ‘official’ and ‘original’ in many of their marketing materials, website and social media pages,” the lawsuit reads, “which gives consumers the impression that it There is some kind of association, affiliation or sponsorship between ABBA and ABBA MANIA.

Billed as ‘the original homage to London’s West End’, ABBA Mania, which has upcoming shows in the UK, described its live show as a ‘highly polished and professional production’.

The lawsuit said ABBA gave the tribute group the option to change its name, which they refused.

“To try to resolve this dispute amicably, read the lawsuit,”[ABBA] explained how the defendants could properly use the phrase “tribute to ABBA” in a non-confusing way to describe their act of tribute as long as the actual name of the act of tribute did not include the word ABBA. But the defendants refused to comply and stop using the name ABBA MANIA.

ABBA recently returned with their first album in 40 years, Trip, which reached # 4 on the US charts and # 1 on the UK charts, and will embark on a digital concert series in Spring 2022 with the band members appearing as avatars.

Photos: Baillie Walsh / Universal Music Group


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