Adele moved to tears; reveals how a former teacher changed her life


Adele shocked the world when she announced her fourth studio album, 30. The record’s subsequent release on November 19 quickly catapulted Adele’s fanfare to astronomical levels. Giving even more to his fans, the London singer-songwriter interviewed Oprah, which was quickly followed by a special pre-recorded concert titled An audience with Adele. The live show featured performances by 30, and the ITV event also included a surprise for the esteemed artist.

The public present An audience with Adele was dotted with stars including Samuel L. Jackson, Naomi Campbell, Jodie Comer, Emma Watson, Alan Carr, Stormzy, Dua Lipa and Idris Elba. Actress Dame Emma Thompson was also present and she stood up to ask Adele a question in the crowd.

“My question is,” Thompson began, “when you were younger was there anyone who somehow supported and inspired you or somehow, you know, protected you from all trials and tribulations? of life? and inspired you to continue?

“I had a teacher at [south London high school] Chestnut Grove, who taught me English. It was Ms. McDonald, ”Adele explained. “She left in eighth grade but she really made me love literature, I’ve always been obsessed with English and obviously now I write lyrics. But she also did street dancing, I was too scared to go in, but like in the canteen, they did these dances and stuff like that.

“She was so cool, so endearing, and she really made us care, and we knew she cared about us and stuff like that. She had all these gold bracelets and rings. She was really cool and so relatable and likable, that I was really looking forward to my English lessons, ”Adele said.

Then, as if Adele had given birth to her, her former English teacher was announced and staged.

Adele was stunned and moved to tears at the surprise appearance, and hugged McDonald’s. “I’m so proud of you,” McDonald told Adele. “You have really changed my life,” Adele replied.

Read Adele’s post-show tweet on the An audience with Adele show, below.

“The sweetness of the hearth. I always dreamed of doing An Audience With… There was so much love in the room for each other, it was like such a concert,” she wrote. on Twitter. “Everyone was loud and got carried away! And my teacher, Mrs. McDonald was there, it was just heaven.

Photo courtesy of Apple Music.


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