Afghan pop singer Aryana flees to US amid Taliban crisis



Afghan pop singer Aryana Sayeed.

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Afghan pop singer Aryana Sayeed has fled to the United States amid fears over the fall of Kabul to the Taliban.


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Sayeed updated his Instagram account with articles about leaving Afghanistan to join the United States, according to IANS.

The Afghan pop singer shared a photo with her husband on the flight to the United States to reveal that she has left her country. And later, he published an article about his arrival in the country after four days of travel.

In addition to the photo with her husband, she wrote a heartfelt note on the photo-sharing website.

Aryana Sayeed 2

“I said in one of my recent interviews that I would be the last soldier to leave the homeland and, interestingly, that’s exactly what happened. I hope and pray as a result of the recent changes. , at the very least my beautiful people can begin to live peaceful lives without fear of suicide bombings and explosions.

She added: “My heart, my prayers and my thoughts will always be with you! Sincere gratitude to each of you for your wishes and prayers that have been concerned about my presence in Afghanistan after so many others with less danger / the concerns were already gone, ”she said.

Sayeed took stock by saying that she was “very much alive” and that after “a few unforgettable nights, I reached Doha, Qatar, and I am awaiting my possible flight back to Istanbul”.

Before signing, she added, “After I got home and my mind and emotions returned to normal from a world of disbelief and shock, I have many stories to share with you My LOVE / S !! For now, stay safe and please stand united! “

Aryana Sayeed is a singer, songwriter and television personality. She sings mainly in Persian and Dari but also has many songs in Pashto.

After landing in the United States, she opened up about her well-being on her social media.

“I wanted everyone to know that we finally landed after 4 days of travel and exhaustion,” she said.

“Away from home, but we are fine, safe and extremely grateful and yet I just can’t help but think of our people and those who didn’t have the same option as me and many others. to get to a safe place. “

Sayeed is one of Afghanistan’s most famous musical artists, performing regularly at concerts and philanthropic festivals inside and outside the country.



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