Afghan refugees will arrive in 2 towns in Louisiana


Dozens of Afghan refugees are heading to Louisiana. Catholic charities will help families settle in the state. 59 will arrive in the next week or two. 49 will settle in Baton Rouge and the others will be sent to New Orleans.
David Aguillard with Catholic charities at Baton Rouge says “

The American people have shown an overwhelming desire to help Afghans who risked their lives and the lives of their families to aid our troops. The news reached us quickly, and we still have a few details to work out for each arrival, but this type of work is an essential part of Catholic Charities’ evangelical mission, a work she initiated in the 1960s with newcomers. of Cuba after the revolution there.

Aguillard says that a full background check was done on each of these refugees. They hope to start a new life in a community that will provide a safe place to relocate their families away from the turmoil in Afghanistan.

The federal government donated money to Catholic Charities to help these refugees with money for rent and job training. But this infusion of money will only cover 90 days of expenses. Refugees will also be given instructions to speak English.
Catholic charities hope the community will step up efforts to help these families beyond the first 90 days.

California is expected to host more than 5,000 Afghan refugees.

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