American rapper Ned releases The Koala’s latest single, ‘Marmalade!’ exudes a vibrant optimism through its melody


Upcoming hip hop artist and music producer Ned, the Koala offers the viewer a journey into his own life with his sublime new creation, ‘Jam!’.

Many talented musicians express their true emotions and come into contact with their souls through the hip hop genre. The young and talented hip hop artist Ned, the Koala turns heads of the contemporary scene, with its very heartbreaking pieces. He dropped yet another touching new composition, Jam! ‘ on the main streaming platforms, winning the hearts of listeners. The brilliant artist inspires audiences to be themselves through the song’s sublime lyrical illustration. He reveals his incredible storytelling dexterity that comes to life through his haunting rhymes. The calming rhythmic elements of the number enhance the acoustic experience for listeners around the world.

Originally from Philadelphia, the rising musician is determined to connect with audiences by generating genuine emotions in their hearts. He once again proved his brilliance to the world with his brand new composition, ‘Jam!’. It portrays the real struggle of people around the world. The polished rhythmic flow mixed with its therapeutic vocal performance helps you cope with your feelings. The brilliant oscillation of different rhythmic beats creates an ambience of pure sonic perfection. Ned, the Koala has managed to merge her vocal magnificence with thought-provoking lyricism forming a symphony of complete bliss. It never fails to satisfy its audience with its versatile collection. Some of its most popular acts are “CAMERA SHY”, “Fell In Luv”, “KEEP THIS SAME ENERGY” and “So Into You”. Each song shines brightly with a positive vibe. Follow him on SoundCloud and Instagram for more updates on his upcoming work.

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