American singer claims unusual find at bottom of salad box


An American singer-songwriter took to Twitter, claiming he made an unusual discovery in a box of salad sheets.

Simon Curtis, 35, discovered a frog at the bottom of a pile of lettuce and shared a photo on the social media site asking for help saving the little creature.

“I found the cutest little frog at the bottom of my romaine lettuce tonight – it’s too cold to put it outside (27 degrees [-2C]), but he’s been living in lettuce in the fridge for several days now – does anyone know what I need to do so he doesn’t die? “he asked his followers.

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American singer-songwriter Simon Curtis took to Twitter to share his unusual find in a box of salad leaves (Twitter / SimonCurtis)

Curtis then added a video saying, “He’s so adorable, is this my starting Pokémon?”

Some fans offered helpful advice, but others were spooked by the discovery.

“Cute. But also, WTF. * Check my lettuce *,” one commented.

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“Like … you went to a grocery store, bought lettuce and had a frog in it?! ???” another person asked.

“Hide / live under the last leaves!” Curtis replied, to which the original poster replied: “Ewwwwwwww”

American singer Simon Curtis finds a frog in a box of lettuce
The 35-year-old discovered a frog at the foot of a pile of lettuce and shared videos on the social media site asking for help saving the little creature (Twitter / SimonCurtis)

When someone advised the singer to “change the grocer !!” he revealed that the box was purchased from Whole Foods.

“If you don’t have an aquarium but have like a truffle dish or other large glass bowl, that would work,” one person advised.

Adding, “Put a small bowl of water for him and leave the lettuce – if he’s young he can eat it. I’ll go to the pet store tomorrow and look for bugs to feed him.”

Another person made a similar suggestion.

“I think your little green tree frog would like a warmer place! 70-80 degrees [20C – 27C] would make him the happiest. Maybe give him a small bowl of water to play with. They prefer streams and will eat just about any bug you can give them. They are quite sturdy and require little maintenance!

The singer, who also starred in the 2009 film Nickelodeon Spectacular!, also shared an update with fans shortly after – announcing that the frog was called Tony.

“Put the remaining lettuce back inside, give it a mason jar lid filled with water, and sprinkle the entire container with water,” he told fans.

“I’m going to leave him here in the kitchen tonight and then figure out what to do with him tomorrow.”

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