An evening with Krishna


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An evening with Krishna

Bombay (Maharashtra) [India]August 19: On August 14-15, 2022, the Nehru Centre, Worli Mumbai hosted an aesthetic musical performance, a journey titled “An Evening with Krishna”.

Krishna, a name synonymous with dance and celebration, fun and frolic, and of course, butter. But beneath the glamor and celebration, Krishna is, above all, the God of philosophy and Enlightenment. A man who has paved the way for an ideal way of life. And that is why Krishna is the most famous and followed Indian god all over the world, and the Bhagavad Gita is considered a guide to life.

Krishna is nothing if not mysterious. But seen up close, Krishna encompasses a fascinating philosophy for every aspect of life and the human condition. Ideas that, although formulated eons ago, still retain their relevance in our lives today. In every action and decision made during his exciting life, we find a conscious decision to choose good over evil, right over wrong. And it is these examples, when seen from the right perspective, when unearthed a little, bring about a new understanding of the world.

In An Evening with Krishna, Kajal Oza Vaidya discusses the life, times and philosophies of Krishna and its relevance to our lives today. Interspersed with folk music and festive dancing, and stunning graphics that bring the wonder of Krishna to life, the show is a journey that gives us the glamour, celebration and philosophy of Krishna in just one night.

With a solid foundation in theatre, producer Hemal Ashok Thakkar, who has lent his creativity to a plethora of plays, shows and films in Gujarati as well as Hindi, has created a visual feast with colorful canvases more larger than life and routines that please the eye. and touch the soul.

Kajal Oza Vaidya, author of the famous “Krishnayan” and other books, screenwriter, radio personality and journalist from Ahmedabad, manages to present the life, times and philosophies of Krishna and his relevance in our lives today. today. His performances are identifiable, emotionally touching and captivating, ensuring that every member of the audience takes something with them.

Alap Desai, renowned singer, songwriter and tabla player and winner of numerous awards for his contributions to theater and film such as Natsamrat (2018), Bhavishya: The Future (2006) and Upanishad Ganga (2012), hypnotizes the audience with interspersed folk music and his beautiful renditions of beloved Krishna songs, old and new.

Kedar Bhagat started his musical journey by forming his musical group called “The Creators” in 1988. As a music composer, he has composed music for many Commercials, Jingles, Corporate Internal Motivational Songs, Tracks for TV / Theater etc. Since then, Kedar has gone from strength to strength.

The choreographer, Shivangi Chitalia brilliantly justified this trip which gives us the glamour, celebration and philosophy of Krishna in just one night and Khusbhu Mulani Thakkar’s bright and rich costumes showcase the elegance and grandeur of the indian ethnic wear. , the style of Krishna and the beauty of Radha.

“An Evening with Krishna,” a visual delight, truly belongs on a grand stage and auditorium on Broadway. This show is indeed one of the classiest and its mystique has spilled down the aisles of the Nehru Center, leaving audiences begging for more. In India, Mughal E Azam and An Evening with Krishna are the only 2 popular musical performances that have caused the public’s elation and eagerness to return to theaters.

An evening with Krishna is designed to travel across the globe and entertain the spread of Krishna’s message. Is the world ready to spend an evening with him?

The team behind “An Evening with Krishna”

Directed by Kedar Bhagat

Actor: Kajal Oza Vaidya

Music/Singer: Alap Desai

Singer: Gargi Vora

Choreographer: Shivangi Chitalia

Costumes: Khushbu Mulani Thakkar

Attend the next Evening with Krishna show on August 21, 2022 at Rangsharda, Bandra (w). Time; 7:30 p.m.


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