Andy Frasco Faces Full Cycles Of Love On ‘Grow Old’


When Andy Frasco was stuck at home during the pandemic, he started looking within, then became confused and a little existential, recounting his collection of thoughts on his next album. Wash, Rinse, Repeatreleased April 8.

A sequel to Andy Frasco & The UN’s latest single ‘Dancin’ Around My Grave’ and title track, which explores the PTSD of being cooped up in your home for a long time, “Grow Old” is about not giving up on love, even before it’s had a chance to blossom, something Frasco admits to doing all his life. Love takes work, time and rarely blossoms without effort.

“I feel like I run away when the going gets tough, but what I realize as I get older is that true love is something that doesn’t come without effort,” Frasco shares. “It takes work, and you have to go through the full cycle of emotions to really let it blossom like a flower. That’s why I edited a music video on Neil Bromhall’s time-lapse of flowers, mushrooms and beans growing from the ground around the world.

Every day can feel the same / But I know I’m starting to change / So many ways to kill the pain / Maybe this time I won’t run away / It took me a while to find what I want / But when it’s good and you know it, you have to hold onFrasco sings movingly through changing notions of love.

Produced by Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional), Eric Krasno (Tedeschi Trucks Band), Justin Osborne (Susto), Nathaniel Motte (3oh!3) and Kenny Carkeet (AWOLNATION), Wash, Rinse, Repeat is Frasco’s musical purge of doubts, anxieties and other self-inflicted mental constraints.

For Frasco, writing is typically a global experience. For Wash, Rinse, Repeat, all the songs were written in different corners of the country – New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Nashville, Charleston, South Carolina because he couldn’t leave the United States during the pandemic. “I tend to go the Bill Murray route on art most of the time,” Frasco says. “I like to write from all over the world. This disc emulates this process… Each city has a different rhythm. I love that it inspires me when I write my thoughts.

Frasco has also been busy spreading his stories about the Andy Frasco Saving the World Podcastwhich featured guests like Melissa Etheridge, Fat Boy Slim, Tony Hawk, Bert Kreischer, Kurt Vile, Nathaniel Rateliff and Steve Van Zandt and hosted nearly a million monthly dance party views on Twitch.

Now Frasco lives in Wash, Rinse, Repeat and its place in life. “This album means a lot to me because it sparked new ideas about what life is,” says Frasco. “I’ve been on tour for so long that I’ve never been home so long. I became sad, confused, existential because all these feelings were new. Normally I can run away to the next town, see new things and have fun if I feel sad or exhausted. But during this pandemic, I really had to stay home.

He added: “It’s real and genuine with what I really wanted to write about coming off a two year hiatus.”

Washing, repeated rinsing List of tracks:

1. Friends (a song about friends)
2. Blame it on me
3. Puff Break (Believe This)
4. Flip the beans
5. Wash, Rinse, Repeat
6. Dancing around my grave
7. Aging
8. Let’s Get to Work Pt. 2
9. In the blue
10. Dream
11. Tough Love
12. Work, Work, Work

Photo: Andrew Hutchins


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