At ACL Fest 2022, Omar Apollo brings Evergreen, Ivory and Sunset


Omar Apollo took to the stage Friday night at the Austin City Limits Music Festival as the sun began to set, bringing an electric, authentic and soulful mix to a cheering crowd.

Her first full album, “Ivory,” was released this spring, and her song “Evergreen” went viral on TikTok. Here’s what you missed from his ACL Fest set.

Omar Apollo wanted the crowd engaged.

And fans were more than happy to do him a favor during the 7 p.m. set.

Apollo came out on the Miller Lite stage dressed in black, with leather pants and a jacket to offset his band in white. From his first track, “Ivory”, he regularly pointed the microphone at the crowd to get people to sing along with him. Before starting “Bad Life”, he asked the crowd to repeat the chorus – “It’s a bad life” – with him. Apollo never went straight into another song without stopping to talk to the crowd, whether it was about how happy he was to be in Austin or asking people to dance.

“I will continue to remind you of that atmosphere,” he said. “It’s too good.”

The Mexican-American singer shouted at the Latinos in the audience. “Where are the (expletive) Mexicans in Texas?!” he shouted before playing “En El Olvido”, to which the crowd began to turn and sing along. Much to the surprise of Apollo, who said he saw quite a few white people in the crowd, noting that it must have been the “Bad Bunny effect”, in reference to the Puerto Rican rapper’s success.

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TikTok fans were ready for “Evergreen”.

From the moment Apollo said, “I know you all know this song; I’ve seen all your TikToks,” fans tried to rush, and there were more phones recording that at any other time. , all to catch the artist plays social media sensation “Evergreen.”

Although he didn’t shake his ass for the crowd, like he did with the TikTok promoting the song, the crowd exploded when the song hit its climax.

He continues to dance.

Apollo came out doing a 360° turn and did not stop. He jumped and danced for the crowd, who enjoyed him every time. It got to the point that Apollo said he needed to “start working on his fucking cardio.”

Crowds watch the sun go down during Omar Apollo's set on day one of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, Oct. 7, 2022.

He loved the view.

This sunset struck differently. Apollo performed just as day turned to night, and he commented on the sight several times.

“This sunset right now is beautiful,” he said. The stage also resembled the sky, with lots of purples and blues illuminating the backdrop.

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More than anything, it is authentic.

At one point, someone in the audience appeared to need medical attention. Apollo didn’t hesitate to stop the song and ask, “How are you, baby?”

And with Apollo constantly talking to the crowd, he felt like he had a vested interest in everyone having a good time.

There’s just something refreshing about seeing an artist say to a fan, “I love you too,” in response to someone shouting their adoration. If this is any indication of what Apollo’s ACL Fest Nights show will look like on Saturday at ACL Live, then fans are in for a fantastic show.


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