Atomic Heart will have the soul of DOOM through a soundtrack by Mick Gordon


Mick Gordon, the composer and sound designer behind the DOOM soundtrack, is officially working on Atomic Heart, an upcoming game from Mundfish.

atomic heartan upcoming FPS from the Russian game studio Mundfish, will have the same composer as the famous LOSS games, Mick Gordon. LOSS players are familiar with Gordon’s energetic music, and now that music is coming on a brand new track. Fans of the series, FPS in general, and even brand new gamers will be able to enjoy the game’s original soundtrack once it’s released.

LOSS is a game known to be high octane. Players almost always kill demons and run around the map, with few breaks in the action. It’s bloody, it’s violent, and has found critical acclaim thanks to the silky-smooth nature of its gunplay. Much of what makes LOSS so good, however, is its heavy metal soundtrack. Mick Gordon is the man responsible for LOSS‘s famous audio, and now he’s working on atomic heart. Gordon did not compose as many ETERNAL DOOMthe soundtrack of as he did in the previous entry, which is why the news he marks atomic heart may be a pleasant surprise for fans of this series.


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LOSSThe soundtrack contributed to its success in ways few gamers will deny, and it just wouldn’t be the same game without it. atomic heart will hopefully channel that same frenzied energy into an all-new title, one that might even top the famous LOSS. However, he shouldn’t try to copy it and stand alone as his own title with his own music, music that will hopefully be as good as fans have come to expect from Mick Gordon.

Atomic Heart can channel DOOM with its soundtrack

Atomic Heart Trailer

LOSS is famous for many reasons, and one of them is its music. Anyone who has played Eternal DOOM‘s Horde Mode knows that the game and its soundtrack fit and support each other perfectly. LOSS may not be where it is now without it, and many game fans, especially those specifically interested in audio and sound design in games, consider it the gold standard for FPS games everywhere . It’s an iconic element of the series, and it’s very synonymous with LOSS Mark.

Since atomic heart has the same composer as LOSSfans can hope he will channel the same magic he did with this series And give atomic heart the same kind of soundtrack they expect of him. The similar kind and the new atomic heart the promise of the FPS action boatloads trailer means it could embody the same vibe and energy as LOSS. The fact that players will mow down robots instead of demons, and do so with more melee weapons than LOSSmeans that atomic heart and its audio can also literally be heavy metal.

However, as good as LOSSthe soundtrack is atomic heart‘s should always be separate from it. Mick Gordon is an excellent sound designer, and he should hopefully put the same energy into atomic heart what he did in LOSS. atomic heart should not imitate LOSShowever, and should try to present itself as its own game with its own sound instead of repeating what players have heard before. Players will be able to listen to Mick Gordon’s latest in-game soundtrack on the day atomic heart released at the end of 2022.

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