Bringin ‘it Backwards: Interview with Losers


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We had the pleasure of interviewing Losers in Zoom video!

Berlin genre-defying group LOSERS have released their long-awaited EP, EP01. With all four tracks, the production process had two halves – the initial ideas session followed by more detailed tuning, all separated by a few years. Much like an artist who has a lot of canvases with half-finished sketches to paint on, Losers enjoyed the luxury of being able to finish things off when the energy “just felt right” and not rushing just so they could say that they “finished a song.” Along with the release of the EP, Losers teamed up with Under The Radar to create the video for their witty, tempo electro rock single “Fool Anyone”.

The premiere of “Fool Anone” took place almost eight years ago, when Eddy Temple-Morris created a leading guitar loop and melody that immediately connected with multi-instrumentalist Tom Bellamy. The two then recorded it as a very basic demo, but couldn’t find the inspiration they needed to finish the rest. The song therefore remained unfinished for years, to the point where the band forgot about it until they took stock one day in Berlin. Fast forward to 2020, they clicked on the track and right away they suddenly had the inspiration they needed in terms of what to write.

Bellamy says that even after watching The Social Dilemma and being appalled at the levels to which Silicon Valley is going to capture our attention, he has found himself glued to the tech. By watching “Fool Anybody” the band wants people to wonder what they were watching and hopefully that will get the topic talked about a bit more.

While “Fool Anone” and the previous EP01 singles “Wake Up” and “Lost in Translation” really started to come to fruition after a “light at the end of the tunnel” epiphany at the Primavera Festival in 2018, the band performed the last track on the EP (the electronics-infused indie rock number “Follow You”) appeared almost instantly in 2015.

EP01 tracks feature Losers traveling from the heaviness and sadness of their past to the light and hopeful present.

Formed in 2007, Losers is made up of DJ Eddy Temple-Morris, multi-instrumentalist / singer Tom Bellamy (formerly of The Cooper Temple Clause) and guitarist / singer Paul Mullen (formerly of Yourcodenameis: milo and The Automatic). Hailed by critics and other artists who reveled in the band’s ability to seamlessly merge independent electronic music with rock on guitar, the Losers were so revered that their dynamic and epic music was heard in dozens of TV shows, movies, video games and sports, including Game of Thrones, The Blacklist, Hercules, The Killing, and as the official music theme of the 2012 London Olympics BMX Championships. Earlier this year they released a revamp of the 1985 Tears for Fears “Shout” smash – which featured prominently on the hit show A Discovery of Witches (S2: Ep 4) on Amazon Prime, AMC +, Sundance Now and Shudder and is rejuvenating no only their loyal fan base, but also gaining new fans who heard their dark cover and fell in love.

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