BTS Mocked By Tucker Carlson For Visiting The White House, Speaking Out Against Anti-Asian Hatred (This Can’t End Well)


Fox News host Tucker Carlson attended his show Tuesday night (May 31) to mock Korean K-Pop group BTS for visiting the White House and speaking out against anti-Asian American hate crimes.

This can’t end well for the talking head.

The popular boy band is just that – one of the biggest musical groups in the world with tens of millions of fans. Fans who probably won’t appreciate Carlson bashing their boys.

Carlson, of course, also mocked President Biden’s administration for hosting the singing group and listening to them talk about their experience and the experience many Asian Americans have had of being discriminated against. and targeted.

So what did Carlson do? Target them and discriminate against them.

Said Carlson on his popular TV show, “Things got really bad for Joe Biden, both publicly and internally. What are they doing about it? Well, they broke some emergency glass and invited a Korean pop band to speak at the White House today.

“Yes, so we asked a Korean pop group to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes in the United States. OK. Good job guys.”

Faced with a recent spike in violence against Asian Americans since the rise of the COVID-19 virus, which the former president called the “China virus,” the Biden administration has sought to find solutions to the problem. In May 2021, President Biden signed into law the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act, after a white gunman killed eight people (including six Asian women) at a massage parlor in Georgia in March last year.

A few weeks ago, BTS announced their upcoming album, which is set to be released later this summer. This LP, Evidencewould be an anthology disc.

“BTS’s anthology album that embodies the history of BTS will be released as they begin a new chapter as an active artist for nine years to look back on their efforts,” read a statement from the label. K-Pop group, Big Press Entertainment. “The Anthology Album Evidence, which consists of three CDs, features many different tracks, including three brand new ones, which reflect the members’ thoughts and ideas about BTS’s past, present, and future.

Photo: ABC


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