Business After Hours to help the B&G Club celebrate its golden anniversary


It has been 50 years since the Boys & Girls Club was born in the Pontiac. During this period there were quite a few additions, including two consolidations with the B&G Club of Fairbury. To celebrate half a century of watching over Livingston County’s youth, a Business After Hours event will be held November 17 at the Boys and Girls Club to honor and recognize this milestone.

“We are hosting a Business After Hours through the Chamber of Commerce at the Pontiac site on November 17 from 5 to 7 p.m.,” said Erin Jensen, B&G Club Board Member. “We welcome community members, Boys and Girls Club alumni, anyone from the community. We hope people will share stories.

There have been many success stories in 50 years of service to the county. Chief executive Jodi Martin said in a recent interview that board member Jake Heller often remarks on his experiences participating in club sports as a youngster.

“That’s what we want to celebrate on the 17the“, Martin said. “All the kids who had fun in the community and whatever they did growing up, but they had the opportunity to be part of the community.”

This is one of the reasons why the B&G Club staff and board hope for a strong turnout from these alumni, and there are many of them.

“We’ve grown since our beginnings 50 years ago,” Martin said. “They were seeing 20 to 30 children a day. We serve, with all sites, just over 230 children per day. We’ve come a long, long way with all of our sites. It’s not just the registered members, it’s all the children who come every day. »

The club has grown to include venues in Fairbury, Chenoa, Chatsworth, Pontiac Jr. High, Flanagan, Streator and Forrest. Martin noted that in 2017 the number of full-time staff at clubs was three, with 13 staff in total. This grew with the addition of clubs beyond Pontiac and Fairbury to 14 full-time employees and 58 total.

The Business After Hours event will include appetizers from Dave’s Supermarket in Fairbury and County Market in Pontiac. There will also be non-alcoholic cocktails.


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