Daily discovery: Ian Jones unites with “Liars, criminals, beggars and thieves”


It is important to have a good sense of skepticism. Of course, we want to trust everyone, we want to look someone in the eye and believe their word. But the older you get, the more you realize that life is much murkier, there is body language outside of what can be seen in the eyes, there is truth beyond what comes out of the mouths of people. others. This is the subject of the single by Pacific Northwest artist Ian Jones. The song “Liars, Criminals, Beggers, and Thieves” highlights the need to understand that those who “speak well,” as Jones puts it, may not always follow the proverbial right course.

“This song was born when I realized that most of the chosen ones,” Jones told American Songwriter, “not all for sale. They always speak well when they run for office, but then seem to turn around and play the game once elected. It doesn’t seem to be on one side or the other. It’s all sides.

Jones says he started the trail years ago but never finished it. However, with each electoral cycle, new ideas and new ambitions strike. Finally, he sat down with another songwriter and refined the vision.

“My goal was to write the song from a non-partisan perspective,” says Jones. “I feel like everyone, regardless of their political affiliation, can listen to this song and say, ‘Yeah, exactly!'”

In this way, Jones did something that most politicians can’t: he created something that unifies. It’s a populist message; the one who says, We see you there, taking us for fools. To Jones, the politician wreck looks like a Hatfield and McCoy rivalry or a bad college football rivalry.

“One side opposed the other,” he says. “Unfortunately, the losers in the game are the constituents.”

Message aside, the new song is traditional with a modern, even casual beat. It’s a country song with an old-fashioned but brilliant style of playing and singing. There are voice tricks and puns and a feeling of sharing the music with a neighbor, friend, colleague or coworker for the sake of camaraderie, not victory.

“I often joke and say that if I wasn’t a songwriter, my therapy bill would be as much as I’ve spent making music over the years,” Jones says. “The inspiration for ‘Liars, Criminals, Beggars, and Thieves’ was to try to end the song without taking sides. I wanted it to be honest and as factual as possible without pointing fingers at any person or group. I also felt like I had to finish it, which didn’t happen very often.

Ian’s EP Evergreens will be released on 10/22 via Thin Silver Records.

(All photos by Justin Dylan Renney)


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