Dave Grohl gives a gift to the heroic bassist who arrested the shooter



Seattle Metal bassist Darin Wall had no idea a few weeks ago that he would soon be in the rocker Dave Grohl and Axl Rose category. But thanks to his recent heroic deeds, he’s now standing (er, sitting) shoulder to shoulder with the giants of music.

Earlier this month, Wall and his band Greyhawk were performing at a music club in Boise, Idaho, when a 26-year-old gunman attempted to enter the room. Wall thwarted the effort, pushing the assailant to the ground and he was shot in the leg as a result. Police apprehended the potential shooter.

But after a few weeks of rehab, Greyhawk and Wall took to the stage again at Seattle’s El Corazon. Thanks, in part, to Grohl’s generous offer: The Foo Fighters frontman loaned Wall his Drum Throne (aka Seat) to sit during the show while he performed. This is the same throne that Grohl used when he had a broken leg.

Wall had joked in an interview that he would use the throne at his next gig, and apparently Grohl’s team heard about it and jumped in. The leader and former drummer of Nirvana is also promoting a new book, The storyteller: Tales of life and music, released on October 5.

“[Grohl] called me from the MTV VMA Awards and he said, “I’ll ship this throne to you at my expense,” Wall told KING 5 News from Seattle.



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