Dave Grohl quickly walks away from fans asking for autographs


Dave Grohl has a reputation for being extraordinarily kind and generous with his fans, but he draws the line with autographs. In a video uploaded to YouTube by a fan, the Foo Fighters frontman explains to a crowd that he only signs autographs for charity. However, several people push him to sign their articles anyway.

Grohl’s answer? Make a ninja run towards his car.

In the video, several fans ask for selfies and discuss instances where he signed autographs for other people. Others requested specific customizations for people they knew, apparently trying to guilt Grohl into giving in.

“I’ll say it one more time,” Grohl begins slowly, “I stopped signing shit unless it was for charity.” When fans persisted in asking for his signature, Grohl had had enough.

“Here’s the other thing,” he said, pausing until the crowd was quiet. “See you!” He immediately turned around and rushed to his car.

In the comments section of the video, fans sided with Grohl. One commentator, Johnny Arnold, wrote: “He handled it really well and a touch of Dave Grohness at the end…Remember people, he’s human. Let him enjoy his own life as he would like you to.

Another pointed out that these fans wasted an amazing conversational opportunity to ask for autographs. “They are so worried about a Dave Grohl autograph when Dave Grohl is literally standing in front of them and they could have had a really cool chat with the Nirvana drummer,” they wrote.

Grohl is known for going the extra mile when it comes to his fans. Last summer, he invited an 11-year-old drummer to play on stage at a Foo Fighters concert after chatting with her over video. When a Seattle bassist was shot in the leg while arresting a gunman during a concert, Grohl gave him the “throne” he sat on during performances when he walked away. broke his leg.

Another fan shared his experience with Grohl, noting that he’s always nice to fans when they’re nice to him. “I met this guy when I was 14 and he was the nicest guy. He tolerated my friend and I talking to him and being starstruck for way longer than necessary,” Joseph Browman wrote. in the comments, “He’s a good guy and he can’t spend his whole life pleasing people and giving them what they want.”

The Foo Fighters will be touring for most of 2022, with all dates through December listed on their website. If you’re lucky enough to meet Grohl somewhere along the way, take the opportunity to have a cool interaction…and don’t push for an autograph.


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