Dinesh Soi’s Upcoming Director “Tumne Na Jaana” Starring Actor Chandan Bakshi


Chandan Bakshi, who is set to mark his Bollywood acting debut with the feature film “Vellapanti”, has released an infamously romantic music video titled “Tumne Na Jaana” released worldwide by music label Hit Gaana Records.

Directed by Dinesh Sudarshan Soi, Tumne Na Jaana stars Akaisha Vats, model of the famous Sharara song, alongside lead male actor Chandan Bakshi.

Acclaimed Bollywood singer Shahid Mallya sang the song, while the entire clip was produced by Team DS Creations ™ ï¸Â ??. Produced by Mr. Rajat Bakshi under the Make My Day Entertainments banner, Tumne Na Jaana was filmed in various locations in Uttarakhand.

The casting of the project was carried out by Team DS Creations ™ ï¸Â ??. The other team consists of creative producer Pankaj Sharma, music composer Durgesh R Rajbhatt, lyricist Ashok Punjabi, DOP Sam Sandhar, creative director Sonia Malhtora Soi and executive producer Deepak Soi.

Released on November 20, 2021 on Hit Gaana Records’ YouTube channel, Tumne Na Jaana has so far been very well received. Lead actor Chandan Bakshi is also beloved on various social media platforms for his natural and compelling act.

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