Episode 78 with singer and songwriter Akull


In episode 78 of 9XM Song Secret, we have with us the very talented singer, songwriter and music producer Akull. The singer is known for his energetic popular tracks such as “Laal Bindi” “Faraar” “Daaru Peekay Nachna” to name a few. Akull collaborated with singer ace Arijit Singh for his first romantic Bollywood song “Tera Hua” from the movie “Cash”. Akull was frank with us and shared the secrets of his songs. He also shared his experience of working with Arjit.

Speaking of the secret behind the bouncy number ‘Laal Bindi’, Akull revealed that this song was composed late at night while he was playing in his studio on his keyboard. The first part of the song was composed in Delhi and the second part was composed in Mumbai.

He also shared the secret of his first Hindi song “Tera Hua”. Sung by Arijit Singh, the track, with Amol Parashar and Smriti Kalra, was composed by Akull. The singer, speaking to host Shefaali Juneja, made a shocking revelation that when he approached Arijit Singh to sing “Tera Hua” he initially turned it down. To find out why Arjit said no to the song, listen to the full 9xm Song Secret podcast hosted by Shefaali Juneja.

For more secrets and equally interesting conversations, stay tuned to the latest episode of 9XM Song Secret hosted by Shefaali Juneja.


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