Eric Clapton releases new song in apparent protest against masks


Today (August 27), famous guitarist Eric Clapton released a new protest song, “This Has Gotta Stop”. Within hours, the track garnered over half a million views on YouTube.

Shortly after unveiling the new track, the 76-year-old musician was a trending topic on Twitter with tens of thousands of mentions due to the track’s alleged content. (See: Mia farrow.)

“Removed all Eric Clapton songs from my playlist. What a narcissistic jerk, ”wrote Worried Citizen

“Eric Clapton has joined the ranks oEric Clapton has joined the ranks of former celebrities who are no longer famous for what they became famous for but are now famous for being assholes,” added Middle Age Riot

The fast tempo blues song begins: It must stop. Enough is enough. I can’t stand this bs anymore. It has gone quite far. They want to claim my soul; you will have to come and break down that door.

Many think the song is an “anti-mask” or “anti-vax” hymn. In 2020, Clapton and Van Morrison released an anti-mask and anti-lockout single, “Stand and Deliver.” The song compared the warrants to a “police state” and slavery.

In July, Clapton said he would “not perform on any stage where there is a discriminating audience”, in response to the vaccination warrants. “Unless there are arrangements for everyone to attend, I reserve the right to cancel the show.” With its new version, it seems to double this position.

Clapton, who received the AstraZeneca vaccine, said he was having severe reactions that left his hands and feet numb for weeks, leading him to wonder if he would ever be able to play. new guitar.


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