Everything for the music: how composer Revaa got Vijay Sethupathi-starrer ‘Mugizh’ on board


Revathi Viswanathan aka Revaa on his debut as a music director in the Tamil film industry with Vijay Sethupathi’s Mugizh, which hits theaters tomorrow

One of the first song memories director Karthik Swaminathan gave to composer Revaa for the Vijay Sethupathi-starrer Mugizh, coming out this Friday, was about a family bonding with a puppy.

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Revaa composed a three-minute song that delighted the team. However, when they went to shoot, there was one problem: the reactions that Scooby, the part played by the puppy, just didn’t accompany the song.

This put Karthik and Revaa in a sticky situation, and they decided to do something unconventional: turn the whole song, then compose the melody. “Going through the long stretches, I sat down and composed according to the graphic the puppy follows in the movie,” recalls Revaa, comfortably seated in her uncle Ramanathan’s Nadabindu recording studio at KK Nagar.

The song she is referring to is ‘Mayakaara’.

Mugizh marks the entry of Revaa (Revathi Viswanathan) into Tamil cinema. She previously worked on the movie Malayalam Mangalyam Thanthunaena, marathi movie College Journal in addition to composing for pilot films and over 200 ad jingles. This film was born after working with director Karthik Swaminathan on a documentary and a short film Idaivelai.

“We (Karthik and I) have a great working relationship. The story of Mugizh is all about a family’s discoveries about each other; In reality, Mugizh refers to one of the nine stages of a flower’s flowering, during which it perfumes itself.

The execution time of Mugizh lasts a little over an hour, which is longer than a short film but less than a feature film. “At the end of the day, it’s all about storytelling. When I do a jingle, I have to convey the essence musically in a short time. It is a planned performance of the music, because it To be eye-catching. But films, for me, revolve around emotions; I focus on enriching the visuals, not on what’s trendy, ”she adds.

Everything for the music: how composer Revaa got Vijay Sethupathi-starrer 'Mugizh' on board

Revaa comes from a family of Palakkad steeped in music; his grandfather is popular mridangam artist, Palakkad R Seshamani. Her parents, PV Viswanathan and PS Saradambal, recognized her love for music and enrolled her in violin and voice lessons.

Although music has always been in the background, Revaa ventured into fashion technology: she graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Chennai and worked in the clothing industry for a few years, before returning to his first love: music.

She believes that the effort put into Mugizh will help his cause. Two of the songs in the film are sung by Govind Vasantha and Pradeep Kumar, who are songwriters themselves. “A lot of people have told me that the path is to establish myself as a singer and then get into songwriting. But I wanted to break that; it’s composing tunes that gives me immense happiness.

That she has to do it in a predominantly male environment doesn’t bother her too much. “I thank my family. To compose is very much to exploit the requirements of the director and to execute it. The process involves hours of discussions, corrections and follow-ups, which also means night work. All of these things make it difficult for a woman to break into the field. “


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