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Munir Hussain (right) with singer Muhammad Rafi.

LAHORE: The 26th anniversary of the death of one of the country’s most famous singers, Munir Hussain, will be celebrated on Monday.

Munir Hussain was an outstanding playback singer who lent his voice to many immortal songs for films in Urdu and Punjabi over a career spanning approximately four decades. His peak period was from 1957 to 65. His son Imran Munir told Dawn on Sunday that despite his father’s great stature as a singer, none of the cultural institutions, such as the Lahore Arts Council, Punjab Council of Arts, Pakistan National Council for the Arts or radio or television, never cared to remember his father on his death anniversary.

Imran, who is a banker, regretted that many artists like his father who had made enormous contributions to the promotion of culture through their respective fields do not remember these cultural institutions. He said his family had a great heritage because his maternal grandfather was Master Ghulam Haider.

Imran said that every year they hold a rally at the house and remember the great singer from years past.

Munir Hussain worked in the Pakistani film industry for 38 years and sang songs in Punjabi and Urdu. He was born into a family of musicians; the famous music composer Rasheed Atray was the maternal uncle of Munir Hussain.

His duet song for the movie “Heer Ranjha” titled “Wanjli Walarya” with Noor Jehan won him huge recognition. His other song ‘Qarar Lootnay Walay’ from the movie Saat Laakh (1957) remained in the popularity charts. His other songs ‘Dilla Tehhar Ja Yar Da Nazara Lain Dey’ from the movie Mukhra made him popular among the masses. He has sung over 200 songs for over 100 films. He also sang the poem by Faiz Ahmad Faiz “Nisar main teri galiyon pe” for the film Shaheed. He sang hit songs for the Punjabi film “Nooran” in 1957, such as “Panchi Tey Pardesi Piyar Jaddun Panday”.

Munir Hussian also sang qawwali ‘Na Milta Gar Yeh Touba for the film Touba (1964). Munir Hussain received the Sitara-i-Imtiaz Prize in 2019. His son asked radio, PTV and arts councils to organize artists’ death anniversaries.

Posted in Dawn, le 27 September 2021


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