Final recap: “The Beatles: Get Back”



Hello, all of you Mop Toppers! Welcome to our final recap of the new Disney + docu series directed by Peter Jackson, The Beatles: Come Back.

The last time we left you we wrote about parts 1 and 2 and now, before we get into the final installment of the three part series, let’s recap what else we learned from part 2, Okay ?

1. The last time we left the Beatles were in disarray. Only Paul and Ringo stayed in their planned rehearsal space. John and George are unhappy, in large part because of Paul’s heaviness. As Paul says, they miss the figure of the “daddy” who would keep them in line. But then John calls, he’s ready to talk and meet again. And once they’ve got along with it one-on-one (with a secret recorder planted in a flowerpot), the two central characters are ready to, well, To recover work.

2. The three Beatles meet George and this time the meeting goes well. He agreed to resume the sessions. It’s time to get to work. They decide to meet at Apple Studios (not the IT company, which has yet to be founded, but rather their entertainment label). They are ready to make the most of it.

3. While everyone has a renewed attitude, there are always difficulties in finishing the songs. Tensions abound. There are issues with the sound, bass and other instruments, and the general baggage of the Beatles. At one point, the bass Paul brought in didn’t work and he and John, demonstrating their incredible songwriting skills, destroyed the acoustics and made timeless hits like “Two Of Us”.

4. But the real savior of sessions is key player Billy Preston. He’s like the neighbor who walks into a house where the family can’t stop fighting but now they have to be on their best behavior because he’s here. Not to mention that Preston is just an incredible keyboard player. It is the essential addition to the mixture. The 5th Beatle of the To recover sessions.

5. Ringo looks sick all the time. His eyes are drooping and dark. We hope he is doing well!

6. George seems ready to get the hell out of it. Even after agreeing to come back, he looks largely tired. He is not listened to as much as Paul and John. It is almost finished.

7. Nonetheless, the quartet with Preston advances painfully. We’re not announcing any news here, but it’s just amazing to see them play. Paul sings timeless hits while playing bass at the right time. John strums solos as he looks around the room. It’s just a sight to see.

8. It’s also amazing how much time and effort it takes to write a great song. So many things have to be in the right place, from the moods of the band members to the equipment to the timing. These songs are like orchids that need the right perfect conditions.

9. Everything took longer than expected and the live TV show was wiped out. Travel plans to the Middle East, Africa and other regions are dashed. A plan to play in a local park is shattered. Then… there is the idea of ​​the roof of the building in which they are currently rehearsing at Apple Studios. When the idea is first suggested to Paul, he shows such happiness, then such relief.

ten. Paul likes to jump over things, literally. In part 2 he showed jumping chairs, fences, walls. He has a real spring in his approach. Part 2 ends with Paul jumping over something, then a title card flashes: the rooftop show will be in 4 days.

Final thoughts and what we learned from part 3

1. These are the last days: technically days 17-22. And this episode lasts a little over two hours and 15 minutes, for those of you who are back home. The group has now been rehearsing for 16 days – with a lot of hiccups – for a possible live album and some live show. They have to be finished by the end of the month, so Ringo can go shoot a movie and they can finally get rid of each other (kidding, kidding).

2. To start the film, Ringo releases “Octopus’s Garden”. Georges loves it. They work on it before Paul and Jean go into rehearsal. John plays the drums. Then he talks about eating kittens. Just another day in the life of John Lennon.

3. Ringo is so amazing. He lets a small child (Linda Eastman’s daughter?) Play the drums while the band rehearses “Let It Be”. Starr is the winner of this documentary series. The Starr team. The second winner is Billy Preston.

4. The Beatles have three days until their rooftop gig and they’re having a blast in the studio. Maybe that’s their way of dealing with tension. But most people wouldn’t be so cowardly. Some of this scrambling, however, ends on So be it, which is lovely.

5. More than ever in the series, the Beatles are having fun. It might not be a coincidence given the kid running around talking about kittens. Preston, immeasurable help too. But they come to the end of the process, there must also be some real relief. The songs come together. John and Paul dance together, after all.

6. George wrote a new song and reminds John that he told George to finish the songs “right now”, as soon as you write them. John agrees it’s good practice, although he never does it himself, he laughs. It must have been very hard on George. He is part of a team with two Michael Jordans and he is an excellent Scottie Pippen: essential to success, but never Jordan. He’s a hero because he never exploded too much.

7. At one point, Yoko Ono kisses John as they rehearse. John says his divorce just ended. Rejoice, finally free.

8. At one point, when the band is gone, the staff dorky jams on their instruments. This is very fun. Another funny moment is that Ringo gives Yoko some chewing gum, she immediately breaks it in half and gives it to John, who puts it in his mouth without thinking.

9. The rooftop concert is delayed by one day due to the weather. It’s scheduled for Thursday, January 31. Two days from the end, the group starts rehearsing. They composed the song “Something”, apparently in a matter of minutes. Georges is so good.

ten. Allen Klein enters the scene, the manager of the Rolling Stones, who wants to work with the Beatles. Lennon calls him an “amazing guy”. The Beatles meet him after the rehearsal on Tuesday. Then Wednesday strikes, the day before the show scheduled on the roof.

11. There is a big talk about the rooftop show. Should they do it? Should they keep rehearsing for a few days, six weeks? Personally, it’s great to see how many conversations have to take place before you make a big decision. From the outside, it’s easy to think these choices came from the sky.

12. George is talking about making his own solo album. He says he could write these songs for other people, but then reconsiders, “Fuck it all, I just have to get used to it,” George says.

13. Day 21, the day of the rooftop show… check out the last 45 minutes on Disney +, and thanks for reading with us this weekend.



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