Foo Fighters teases new music video starring Jason Sudeikis as trainer, of course


On Wednesday morning (November 17), the mother of modern rock groups, Foo Fighters, released the new music video for the single “Love Dies Young” from their tenth studio album, Medicine at midnight… And in the lead role is a familiar looking trainer: Jason Sudeikis.

Putting on an American flag jacket, blonde hairstyle and bushy mustache, the video shows Sudeikis as the coach of a synchronized swimming team, giving them a… weird… motivational speech. But, of course, with Sudeikis wearing the “Coach Cap”, one can’t help but think about his beloved role as Ted Lasso on the Apple TV + series of the same name. Either way, when the opening riff for “Love Dies Young” comes to an end, you feel the full punch of the cliff-hanger… thankfully, the premiere of The Complete Thing tomorrow, November 18th.

The song itself comes from the Foo Fighters release in February, and it’s one of the best tracks showing their signature style. With a lively rhythm engine and proper guitars, the rock element is very present and palpable, but add the thoughtful lyrics of Dave Grohl and the song takes it to the next level, becoming a great piece of rock and roll song.

So, the unveiling of the music video tomorrow will be an exciting time for the fans. Click below to watch the video when it airs tomorrow at 10 a.m. ET / 7 a.m. PT. In the meantime, listen to the song below:

Photo: Kevin Mazur


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