Funky Business jamming at Lagoon Concert Series on June 15


Q. What excites you the most when you have the opportunity to perform in front of the CSU community at the Lagoon?

We are very excited to be playing at the Lagoon, so we can entertain so many of our Northern Colorado fans. Since we play so many weddings and private events, we always look forward to performing live in front of large, happy audiences.

Q. How was your band born? Did you know each other before or did the love of music bring you together?

Rae (Donner, vocals) and Marc (Kray, drums) dreamed about this band when we were playing together in another band several years ago. A few of the other band members are friends of ours who we’ve played with before or know outside of the show. Everyone in the group has a personal connection to someone else. As soon as Rae and Marc started filling out the roster, personal recommendations from musicians allowed us to bring everyone together like family. At this point, we often have as much fun off stage as we do on stage because we’ve all become such close friends. It’s very rare for a group of nine people to stick together over the years. We are very lucky that the excitement of playing music together is still going strong!

Q. How did you come up with the name “Funky Business?” Does this name reflect the style of music you play and how you play?

We discussed a lot of band names before landing on Funky Business. We feel like the name reflects our competent and practiced nature as musicians and business owners, but still allows us to be a bit silly and whimsical at the same time. We’re very good at being organized and professional, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.


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