Gear Review: TC Electronic Infinite Sample Sustainer


I can count on the one hand the number of times I have spent money immediately after hearing about a product without even hearing demos or seeing reviews and the TC Electronic Infinite Sample Sustainer is one of them.

It’s a sample/hold/freeze pedal but quite different from the ones you’ve tried before. For starters, the Freeze Sample doesn’t sound digital or synthetic like many other gel pedals. It’s rich, natural, and dare I say “organic” and fits much better into your composition without screaming “fake sound” throughout. Second, it uses the patented electronic TC soft switch for quiet, smooth transitions, so no more loud clicks every time you press it. Third, and perhaps most important, it’s the first compact unit I can think of (it’s no bigger than a standard single-footprint pedal like their Flashback Delay for example) where you can layer sounds. That’s right, you can layer multiple samples on top of each other and create a whole soundscape. Perfect for composition or live performance. But it doesn’t stop there as TC Electronic incorporates three Tone Print slots so you can download or create very specific cinematic palaces to suit your own needs.

For example, the stomach setting of the Tone Print One channel is a sustainer and a slapback reverb/delay. Channel two of Tone Print is a large atmospheric reverb and slow flanger. Channel three is open for your creation, but you can change the three Tone Print channels to be whatever you want or try different Tone Prints through the TC Electronic Tone Print app for PC, Mac and iOS/Android.

Imagine you’re working in your home studio and have an idea for a drone pedal bed for a song, you grab your instrument, play a note or chord and grab it with the Infinite Sample Sustainer. Then you have another harmony idea or lead line on top. Do. And another drone note. And another. Then you start adding effects with Tone Prints and so on. Soon you could have an entire song composed with just this pedal. Not to mention the life it can bring to solo artists (or bands!) to add an unexpected dimension to live sets.

Finally, one of the most thoughtful additions to the Infinite Sample Sustainer is a built-in effects loop that allows you to add all your favorite effects in addition to the built-in effects, making this device a creative monster. Someone at TC electronic was really paying attention and listening to what gamers really wanted. I was so excited I had to rub my eyes to make sure what I was seeing was correct, and at the street price of $149, they’re definitely not taking us to the cleaners on this one. I believe the Infinite Sample Sustainer will soon become the industry standard by which all of these devices will be judged in the future and will make writing, playing and composing music much easier and more exciting.


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