Get an exclusive hearing of Sarah Ryder’s new single “Get Back”


Sarah Ryder was eight years old when she first heard Tim Mcgraw sing “Where The Green Grass Grows” on her small-town Pennsylvania country radio station. Captivated by the sweet sound, she didn’t turn the dial for the rest of the day.

“I was addicted,” she tells American Songwriter. “From there I really started to pay attention to country music. I started trying to write a bit after that. I went to see George Strait a few years later and he sat in a chair with just a guitar and sang ‘Amarillo By Morning’. The whole stadium was calm, united for a few moments around a song. I knew then that I seriously wanted to create music that so many people could relate to and feel understood with. “

Since that time, Ryder has dedicated his art of songwriting to resonating song stories that reveal the most intimate bits of his personal life to audiences, while still leaving them space to find pieces of their own. story in his. Ryder is certainly an old soul. Influenced by her favorite artists from the 70s to the 90s, the artist demonstrates a wisdom far beyond her years.

Her latest single, “Get Back” peels personal layers of her love life in an effort to create community in her heartache. “‘Get Back’ is about a girl who has changed for someone and who looks at herself in the mirror wanting to find the place in her heart and soul where she is herself again without shame,” says Ryder. “She’s gone off the rails trying to please a man who doesn’t see her and doesn’t really like her. Nothing better than being accepted by the people around you as your genuine self and sometimes that unfortunately means eliminating, in that, a man who just doesn’t respect her.

Lyrically, the song is a deeply personal track rooted in his own experience. Ryder admits the song is about her marriage which fell apart in 2019. Yet her inviting vulnerability allows the message to transcend her own story to meet others where they are on their heartbreaking journey. “We had split up and this song came out of my tongue immediately after,” Ryder said. “I was moved to know that I was in a place that was so far from where I should be, so this song was meant to be a pep talk for myself at first – I hope that can also be a pep talk for others. “

The message seems straightforward to her now on the feel-good side of parting, but it wasn’t clear in the darkness of her marriage at the time. His sentiment is poignantly portrayed in the line: can’t build a happy house with only sticks and stones / and a man who only dims your light.

“I really believe we should be strong on our own two feet. I don’t think a friendship or a relationship has to change the bright light in us at all, ”Ryder says. “We never have to put up with being mistreated, and we shouldn’t. It shouldn’t be that hard. Yes, relationships of all kinds take work, but they should be based on genuine love, respect, and boundaries which, in the end, shouldn’t be something that breaks your heart. You should never change who you are for another person.

Listen to Sarah Ryder’s new single, “Get Back,” below.


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