Goodnight Moonshine returns to Hesston on November 13


Goodnight Moonshine will return to the Prairie Window Concert Series (PWCS) stage on Sunday, November 13, 2022 at 4 p.m. in Hesston, five years after its first performance at the Dyck Arboretum of the Plains. The concert will take place at the Pavillon des Prairies in the arboretum overlooking the lake.

Tickets are by reservation at or by calling 620-327-8127. Tickets cost $35 for adults and $25 for children, plus tax. Proceeds benefit the arboretum’s mission to cultivate transformative relationships between people and the land.

Goodnight Moonshine combines the intimacy and immediacy of the 90s with the sonic explosion of the 60s. Molly Venter (Red Molly) is a viscerally powerful singer, à la Fiona Apple and Tracy Chapman, whose songwriting is redeeming and playful. . Accomplished musician and producer, Eben Pariser (Roosevelt Dime), is a fan of Ray Charles, Wes Montgomery, The Beatles and The Band. The courageous unveiling and depth of experience make the collaboration between married couple Molly Venter and Eben Pariser captivating.

Molly Venter’s voice goes from a soft moan to a gravelly scream and back to a playful run in the span of a few bars and “everything feels like silk”, writes American Songwriters Magazine – “Few singers turn new listeners into lifelong fanatics as easily as Molly Venter.” The power of his voice is surrounded and supported by a lush landscape of orchestration and improvisation created by Eben. The couple uses the creative process to explore a healthy and authentic relationship. Both wholesome and irreverent, songs of grief and joy in equal measure; Molly gently transmits Eben’s energy as Eben gives shape and focus to Molly’s passion.

This musical marriage encourages them to embrace opposing desires, to challenge and support each other through inspiration and dissolution, while totally killing a live show.

Venter’s voice has captured the attention of industry giants and has been featured prominently on FOX television, Apple Computers and in Warner Brothers films. Molly and Eben’s co-write “Willow Tree” was a #1 hit on the folk charts in 2014 and was featured on USA Today. Accomplished performers, Molly and Eben have also performed nationally and internationally, with their respective bands Red Molly and Roosevelt Dime.

In addition to high-quality acoustic music, this concert will feature delicious savory and sweet food options for sale during intermission, with a menu provided by Crust & Crumb Company. The November 13 menu will include: fall squash soup in a bread bowl, chili in a bread bowl, dulce de leche morning rolls and chocolate éclairs.


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