Hans Zimmer Talks Geeking Out Over Dune With Denis Villeneuve, And It Sounds Like A Match Made On Caladan


Composer Hans Zimmer’s fandom for author Frank Herbert Dunes is so strong that it chose the film over Christopher Nolan’s Principle when it came to his big comeback to film music. Luckily for him, co-writer/director Denis Villeneuve was just as passionate about the source material as he was in making the film, leading Zimmer and Villeneuve to give a damn about one of the greats. actors among this year’s Oscar nominees. It only took a few very important questions to realize that this was indeed a match made on Caladan.

In an interview with gold derbiesHans Zimmer spoke about his credentials as a fan of Dunes, which date back as far as his teenage years. That’s all well and good, but as the project approached, it meant that Zimmer had a very clear picture of what this film was going to be. Here’s how the composer described the magic ingredient that assured him he was signing the right project:

It was so important to me that this vision I had in my head not be dulled. I also knew [Denis Villeneuve] I asked, knowing him, that he was shooting the same film that I was shooting in my head.

The collaborators knew each other well since Denis Villeneuve had already secured the services of Hans Zimmer as co-composer alongside Benjamin Wallfisch on Blade Runner 2049. A very crucial chemistry test between the two, the efforts for this legacy-what was probably a great base to re-equip on Dune. Villeneuve’s vision only sealed the deal, which saw Zimmer enthusiastically get to work.

In addition to the official score of Dunes, Hans Zimmer also designed collections of music that did not appear in the epic of the ensemble directed by Timotheé Chalamet. Zimmer’s artwork for this project also includes a full soundtrack for dune art accompanying book, as well as The dune sketchbook, which was a rough collection that helped form the final music. Again, there is no doubt that Hans Zimmer is a Dunes fan, and he even made this fact apparent when he spoke with our ReelBlend podcast last November.

When a fan is behind the wheel, the results almost always show it. Just like he reintroduces the guitar swagger of the James Bond theme in No time to die, these visions of Caladan, Arrakis and every point in between led to a nominated dream come true for Hans Zimmer and Denis Villeneuve. No wonder Zimmer is thrilled to return to work on Dune: part 2 – which is one of the few quick things to know about the sequel in development.

Just in case you thought Dune: part 2 was soon to spice things up in theaters, we’ll have to wait until October 2023 for this to hit theaters. However, you can check out our guide on what upcoming movies arrive in 2022 meanwhile. Or, if you want to live again Dunes via streaming, HBO Max will reintroduce the film to its library starting March 10.


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