Harry Styles charms children with a reading of bedtime stories broadcast by the BBC


Nothing about the release of Harry Styles’ latest album, Harry’s house, was predictable. The release date was unknown until the pop singer posted the album cover on his instagram Account. The level of production and type of sound were heavily debated until the release of the album. Now that the album is out, however, fans have determined that the uncertainty and anticipation is worth it.

In addition to releasing his album, Styles toured Harry’s house promotion. The final stop on the creative tour was at the BBC CBeebies TV channel.

On the UK programme, Styles was filmed in an adorable brown and blue polka dot pajama set reading a children’s book titled In every house on every street. The children’s book was written by Jess Hitchman and illustrated by Lili La Baleine. This home imagery is apparently eerily familiar, Styles.

“I love this story,” Styles said on the show. “Every house is different, but every house has something in common: all the wonderful things that families and friends do there. It doesn’t matter if you live in a house, an apartment or a boat. It is love that turns wherever you live into a home.

Other musicians who have made appearances on the CBeebies chain include Dave Grohl and Iggy Pop.

So if they weren’t fans before, even toddlers are now Styles stans.

Watch the full clip of Harry Styles reading In every house on every street below.

Photo by Lillie Eiger


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