How to solve the composer puzzle


If you know your composers, you might have an easier time with this one.

Monark Ryotaro Compose Rooftop Portrait

Sometimes the puzzles in monark are easier. They will ask you to find a number associated with a student’s academy profile or memorize the names of certain plants. Others are a little more devious, a little more obscure.

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During the Act of Greed, you will be tasked with clearing the mist present in the Year 2 building. With Ryotaro Date, you’ll find yourself on the roof and faced with a pretty nasty puzzle. It’s possible to find the solution by trial and error, but sometimes it’s just faster to find things – something this puzzle almost begs you to do.

How to solve the puzzle on the roof of the construction of the second year

Monark rooftop puzzle clue

As is often the case with puzzles in this game, your only clue as to the solution to this puzzle is a note. This time it says a female student heard a creaking ringtone on an “island”. She notes two things:


  • It is the island between “Erlkonig” and “Swan Lake”.
  • She heard the bell ring between four and seven o’clock.

Now take a look at the roof. There are multiple collections of school desks all separated by portraits of composers. The first step in the puzzle is to identify the island the memo refers to. Erlkönig refers to a famous story set to music by Franz Schubertand Swan Lake is a ballet composed by Tchaikovsky.

Luckily, you can find a collection of desks between the portraits of these two composers. You will find it in the corner of the map

Now look at the desks – they look like a phone pad. As you can probably guess, all you need to do is stand between where the fours and sevens would be on a telephone keypad and you will find the Call to the Beyond.

Call on the roof of the Monark sophomore building

This will be the last call in the sophomore building, so prepare for a tough fight against the Pact Bearer and the Monarch of Greed.

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