Is singer Drake Milligan the instant favourite?


Is Drake Milligan about to become the instant star of America’s Got Talent season 17? Following his audition with the group, he has a great shot.

Let’s point out the obvious here: country singers do very well. Beyond that, it also has a bit of rock ‘n roll and a distinct Elvis vibe. At first we weren’t sure his performance would support the confidence he had before what he did. However, he paid for it and more! It was very energetic and packed with content from start to finish. We’re honestly surprised he’s not already a bigger star from what we’ve seen.

Of course, Drake is the kind of singer who will go very far in the competition. By the time the judges decide to move him on to the next round, they should know he’s going to get a ton of votes.

The biggest thing we hope he will do moving forward is keep singing with passion and playing what he loves rather than what he thinks America will love. A lot of country/country-rock singers get too bogged down in ballads or things they think they have to do to show their voice. Drake doesn’t need to do that when he brings something to the table here that will make him stand out for as long as he lasts. Just do more things that allow the audience to have fun, and maybe get people on board even if they’re not the biggest country music fans.

If you haven’t had a chance to catch Drake’s big audition, go ahead and do so at the bottom of this article!

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