It’s easy to divide people, but time demands unity: AR Rahman


Union Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairy L Murugan presented ‘The Icon’ award to music composer, singer, lyricist and producer AR Rahman at the CII Dakshin South India Media – Entertainment Summit on Sunday for his contribution to the Indian music industry and the recognition he has brought to South Indian cinema.

Speaking about the need for recognition of Tamil cinema, AR Rahman said, “What we need to do is recruit more people of color and empower them to be recognized. This is very important for our people to be recognized all over the world. We love our color in our state and so it is very important to break down borders because cinema has brought us together,” he said.

He added that imagination should not be reserved for our culture. We have to show the world what spirits and what culture we have. It is very easy to divide the differences. But now is the time to show the unity of the country and join hands through art,” he added.

The film industry representatives also urged the Minister to recognize the film industry as an organized sector or not, as a large number of people were affected during the pandemic and could not obtain any compensation due to the lack of appropriate recognition as an industry.

Addressing the summit, L Murugan said the Indian government has taken policy decisions to promote the film industry as it provides bread and butter to thousands of people. “We have given a platform to members of media and entertainment internationally. Startups are promoted and South India has contributed to the media industry in the country,” he said.


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