Kantara Creators Ordered to Stop Playing Varaha Roopam Song in Cinemas and Streaming Platforms


The Kozhikode Sessions Court has issued an injunction banning the makers of Kantara from playing the song “Varaha Roopam” in theaters and other streaming platforms after receiving a plagiarism complaint from Kerala-based music group Thaikudam Bridge. The popular indie music group earlier took to social media platforms to announce that they are taking legal action against the creators of Kantara for allegedly plagiarizing their song “Navarasam”, released in 2015. They claimed that Kantara’s song “Varaha Roopam” is a plagiarized work based on “Navarasam”.

Thaikudam Bridge took to Instagram to share news of the court injunction. The post read: “Senior District and Sessions Judge Kozhikode banned Producer, Director, Music Composer, Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, Wynk Music, Jiosavan and others from playing the song Varaaha Roopam in the film. Kantara without permission from Pont Thaikudam (sic).

Here is the message:

Earlier, the group released a statement which read, “We would like our listeners to know that Thaikkudam Bridge is in no way affiliated with Kantara. The unavoidable similarities between our intellectual property “Navarasam” and “Varaha Roopam” in terms of audio is therefore a clear violation of copyright laws. From our point of view, the line between “Inspired” and “Plagiarized” is distinct and indisputable and we will therefore take legal action against the creative team responsible for this. There has been no acknowledgment of our rights to the content and the song is propagated as an original work by the film’s creative team. We ask for the support of our listeners and encourage you to spread the word about this. Also ask our fellow artists to share and elevate your opinions by protecting the music copy right.

Listen to the songs here:

Meanwhile, Kantara, starring Rishab Shetty, proved to be a surprise blockbuster across the country, with its Hindi collection surpassing that of Ponniyin Selvan 1.


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