“Laal Hari” Review: Himesh Reshammiya Delivers Track With 90s Feeling


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November 20, 2021, 4:57 PM

Himesh Reshammiya’s new song ‘Laal Hari’ offers nothing new in his video

Popular music composer Himesh Reshammiya dropped another track from his album Himesh Ke Dil Se yesterday.

Title Laal Hari Peeli Choodiyan, the song has a melodious melody.

You can enjoy the track on Reshammiya official YouTube channel, Himesh Reshammiya Tunes.

The song became quite popular and reached 40 lakh views when it was released.

Here is our review of the track and the video.

Interestingly, Reshammiya also wrote the lyrics for this song.

Interestingly, the music director wrote the lyrics as well. The words convey the feelings of a girl eager to meet her partner.

Crooned by Arunita Kanjilal, the song has a lot of sweetness.

Rhythms and guitar complement the singer’s voice, which is Indian Idol 12is the first finalist.

This romantic number is a must-have on the playlist.

There is nothing new in the runway visuals

There is nothing new in the runway visuals

Like Reshammiya’s last song Mehendi Ka Ranngg, this track also has a similar setting.

Same studio, same life-size portrait of Reshammiya in the background, and the presence of the sound engineer. The video lacks novelty.

However, we can see that Kanjilal is enjoying the song. It perfectly expresses the emotions of the song.

Focusing too much on the bracelets, however, makes the video seem monotonous.

The guitar reminds you of the prelude to the song ‘Tere Naam’

Remember Tere Naam Title song from the Salman Khan star? This song had a similar guitar tune in the prelude to this track.

Interestingly, it was also a composition of Reshammiya.

He actually gave music to all of the songs in that movie, which were all great hits.

You will find a similarity in terms of musical arrangement and rhythm in all his recent compositions.

You can check out a preview of the song here

Reshammiya must improve the quality of visuals

Reshammiya must improve the quality of visuals

Although the track has gained popularity online, the songwriter has yet to work on videos.

It’s a welcome change to see that new singers aren’t just confined behind the mic. Composers like Reshammiya give them the opportunity to make their presence felt in a song through the videos.

Verdict: While song scores 3.5 stars, video scores 2 out of 5.

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