Legendary guitarist Peter Frampton to sell used gear


Now you can finally feel like Peter Frampton. You can come to life playing his equipment and his guitars.

The legendary guitarist has teamed up with Reverb to sell his stage and concert gear, including a Marshall JMP 2061X amp head, which Frampton says he used with his signature talkbox. He will also sell a number of electric and acoustic guitars.

Frampton, who publishes the pocket version of his recent memoirs, Do you feel like me?, will begin selling its equipment this month, starting October 13.

“I’ve collected too much,” the British-born guitarist says in a press release, “and while I’m sad to part with some of these instruments, I’m delighted to hear how a new generation of musicians could use and cherish this equipment.

Frampton, who is known for his work in the Humble Pie group and his solo work, tells a number of stories of collaboration and potential collaboration in his excellent new memoir. He was also a close childhood friend of David Bowie.

Another item on sale is the Marshall 1974X RI amp from Frampton. Commenting on this, the frontman said, “This amp was on the road with me on my headlining tour with Steve Miller. He was there with me, making my sound.


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