Matt Pond PA revisits and revamps “The State of Gold” with an enlightened sound


“When you look back on something, you see it upside down,” Matt Pond told American Songwriter. In this case, indie rocker and New York-based band founder Matt Pond PA is referring to his 2015 album. The state of gold. This year (September 24), Pond and band members Chris Hansen and Shawn Alpay remastered and partially re-recorded the album. The group also reversed the song list so that the first song becomes the last and vice versa.

“I just thought, ‘Oh, I want this to be upside down.’ Then I listened and it works, ”continues Pond. “I thought about the [original] last song, which was now in the first song, which is ‘Spaceland.’ I like to put some of my favorite songs last on an album. I don’t think people listen to more than a few songs, but that’s fine with me. So I was like, ‘Okay, I love this song, and it’s one of my simpler views on life, touring and everything we’ve done.’

Now the cheerful “Spaceland” is the first track listeners hear.

With “Spaceland” as the opening track, Pond says he “couldn’t be happier” with the way this album has been painstakingly redesigned. “I don’t think we changed anything because the same mastering did [The State of Gold] again, but we just looked at it and let it breathe a bit, ”Pond says.

The state of gold It first took Pond and the band about three years to write and record. Inspiration for the twelve-track record emerged after Pond realized he could never truly escape the music – the attraction of the song had followed him on his travels to sunny Florida and California. to the snowy winters of the Hudson Valley.

“[I] realize[d] that there is nothing I love more than writing songs, ”says Pond.

Pond’s deep fondness for his craft created The state of gold six years ago, and that devotion led him to revisit the record after the dust settled around a dispute with a label. Therefore, the latest release of the record is a flawless, but backward, leap into indie rock. Pond’s sound is electric and illuminated lending itself to a full listening experience.

“I’m just trying to reach people,” Pond concludes.

to listen The state of gold by Matt Pond PA below, and check out the album’s acoustic companion here.

Photo by Anya Marina


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