Meet Bros: Some friends have closed entire businesses due to Covid, blessed we can still restart live broadcasts tomorrow


The songwriting duo and brothers Manmeet and Harmeet Singh of Meet Bros agree that the rise in the number of Covid-19 cases across the country has once again played spoilsport, negatively affecting the musical fraternity. Just when the most critical source of income for musicians — live shows — was beginning to pick up, it was hit hard.

“Live shows have dropped significantly as gatherings cannot take place. We have a lot of friends who own (event) businesses and have had to close them. We are blessed to be able to restart our live broadcasts at any time. Even if we can do 5 concerts and not 10 like before, that’s fine. Some people haven’t done shows at all, and that’s sad,” Manmeet says.

The brothers, who recently released their single, Babul Da Vehda, choose to look positively at the current Covid-19 scenario. They tell us that their family has also been affected by the virus.

“My child tested positive for Covid-19 a few days ago, and Manmeet’s child had it eight days later. They’re in the house with us, so half the day we’re doing the music, and the other half went with them. Our mom got it too,” Harmeet says.

Calling it a “part of life”, they say suffering is all in the mind. “It’s just replacing work with family time and health. As musicians, we used the time at home making songs, working on our voice and doing riyaaz,” Manmeet explains, as Harmeet adds, “Koi aadmi rota hai ki woh suffer kar raha hai , but it’s a good time to do things you wouldn’t do otherwise. We take it positively. Much good has happened to us. »


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