Mick Jagger on Instagram and being a tourist in town – “I’m just trying to get a feel for where the place is”


Talk to The Washington Post recently, legendary musician and Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has opened up about his recent foray into selfies, his new obsession with Instagram (he has around 2.5 million followers) and what it was like to be the famous musician in 2021 casually walking from pub to pub.

Jagger, 78, who was one of our 2021 winners, said The Washington Post that his selfie habit started because he didn’t want to get stuck in a hotel on his band’s last tour.

“I don’t just do it for Instagram photos,” Jagger said. “I do it to go out, because I don’t want to be stuck in a hotel room watching TV. But, I mean, it gives you a funny little thing. Oh, that’ll make a great photo, it’s hilarious. I do not publish them all. Some of them are just too weird. But you see strange things and you meet people and you say hello.

In a recent article published in Austin, TX, Jagger wrote on Instagram: “Once again in the heart of Texas… everyone at the Circuit of the Americas on Saturday night! #stones that roll #nofiltertour #austin #circuitoftheamericas #Texas

Jagger spoke about what it’s like to plan trips to a city on the day of a given tour date.

“If you’re only there for a few days, you do a bit of planning,” the singer said. “Is there a museum? Because every city has something very interesting, whether it’s a beautiful park, or a beautiful picture, or a museum that interests you, or some strange thing that you never thought of.

When asked if he was surrounded by bodyguards who might be just out of the frame, Jagger explained, “I’m taking a security guard or maybe two. And one of the guys – one of the musicians, maybe – and we go out and explore. We walked the Strip in Nashville. I wear a mask and a hat and therefore I [am not recognized]. It’s crazy. But most of the places I go are not overcrowded.

Jagger said his goal was exploration. But it’s also fun for the Hall of Fame rocker to feel the feedback from fans and his followers on social media.

“I’ve done this on our previous tours,” Jagger said. “But now social media has become more popular. People didn’t pay as much attention to it as they do today. And when I stopped, when I did it from that bar, you know, the Beaver bar. Yeah. Some people noticed a lot and I thought, well, actually, that’s kinda funny.

Speaking about his now-legendary photo outside the Beaver Saloon in Charlotte, NC, Jagger said people hadn’t noticed because there wasn’t a lot of pomp and circumstance right now.

“There is hardly anyone there. It’s dark. It’s not really grandiose, ”he said. “I’m not in a big, huge limo. I just walk around the block and then I go down there. And I cannot enter the room because the covid regulations of the tour do not allow me to enter a saloon. And that’s a promise we made. But I could take [on the patio] outside the living room. And I am far from people.

He continued, “The locals tell me it’s a popular dive bar when I get there. Normally I would go to the bar and hang out there. But, you know, I didn’t want to do this because of Covid. So I just walked out. And at other times you do the typical tourist thing like the Arch of St. Louis. If you go there at certain times of the day, it is not crowded. [Then you] take off the mask and take the photo.

But, Jagger said, it’s not just about city walking. He also enjoys the outdoors and nature.

“Touring is a pretty urban thing,” said the British-born artist. “So it’s nice to get out into nature and see things from a different perspective when you go places like that. It’s wild. I’ve been on long hikes to some of these other places where I haven’t taken any photos. I think we went out to Missouri for a pretty long hike in the forest. It was not very well marked on the map and the Google map was not very useful. And we did. We walked to a place where there was hardly anyone except a guy in a canoe.

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