Music composer Vikram Montrose is ready for his first independent music album after Liger


Vikram Montrose

Singer-songwriter Vikram Montrose is known for creating catchy tunes, including Kar Har Maidan Fateh of SanjuKGF Membership song, and Jai Hindi Ki Senaa of Shershaah among others. But the songs Liger Hunting Teaser and Offensive by Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday starring liger put him in the spotlight. Although the film failed at the box office, the songs from the film still managed to perform successfully on many playlists.

Merged with metal guitar tunes Liger Hunting, he says, is more about the techno and industrial music space while Offensive is more Trap/Moombahton space. “It’s something I’ve loved doing ever since. Tera Baap Aaya (Commandos 3)”, enthuses Vikram who has teamed up with music supervisor Azeem Dayani who has worked on many films including Shershaah, Bachchan Pandey and liger. “He (Azeem) wanted powerful songs that best describe the aura and the never say never fearless attitude of Liger,” adds the musician.

Growing up in a family where his mother was a classically trained singer and his father loved listening to music, Vikram developed his love for sounds from childhood. However, he says it was his father who really got him started when he gave him a box of cassette tapes containing all the old songs from all the legendary artists in the Indian music industry. “And after listening to these songs, I was fascinated by the process of making and creating the songs. And then the exposure to international music, world music and world cinema happened, which had a big influence on me, “recalls the musician, who loves to compose romantic songs. “It has a different vibe than the usual format. I like to approach a song in my own way because I believe that each person is different and that there is therefore a way of expressing oneself”, thinks the composer.

Being a movie buff, Vikram also has many influences on his music; however, there is no one he can name. “Every artist has exceptional work, so it’s always been difficult for me to have a favorite. And I love listening to all genres of music from all over the world,” he says diplomatically, adding that his journey to has been challenging but fulfilling. “The fact that the journey hasn’t been easy for me makes me even more grateful. I’m lucky for all the opportunities I’ve received so far, and I’m looking forward to looking forward to future experiences,” Vikram shares and adds that he’s been working on an interesting lineup of movies and songs alongside his indie music. “That’s something I want to share soon with people who love my songs”, says the composer in conclusion.


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