Music News Saturday — New updates from Missy Elliott, BTS, Mary J. Blige, Foo Fighters, Valerie June and more


The world of music is always bubbling with new information. Here we wanted to catch up with you on some of the latest.

1. It looks like a new album from Missy Elliott and Timbaland is in the works. Ready to let go… soon? Especially if you believe the charming yet cryptic tweets from the Virginia producer and longtime Missy collaborator.

On December 1, Timbaland wrote: “Who’s up for this? @MissyElliott Timbo’s album ?????? ”

And followed up with a photo of the two, writing: “Stay tuned !!!!!!”

2. Legendary singer Mary J. Blige announced a new upcoming album and released two songs, “Good Morning Gorgeous” and “Amazing (feat. DJ Khaled)”

“Wait till you hear it,” Blige told the talk show host. Tamron Room. “It’s going to wow everyone. And it’s because it’s something that I had to do, and something that I had to say when I was in my darkest times of this life, to build myself that person that I can see and accept my nose. , accept my eyes, accept my cheeks, accept all the things i hated.

3. Everyone’s favorite seven-piece K-Pop group, BTS, have released a new holiday version of their hit song, “Butter.” Featuring sleigh bells on sleigh bells, the song arrives just in time for the unboxing of gifts and buttery pastries.

4. The goddess of music Valerie June posted some words of wisdom while she was in a river. That’s it. This is the news.

She wrote on Twitter: “When I hear songs, they often come with choral vocals layered together. That’s when I know I’m writing a song. I rarely sit down to write. They usually find me right when I live my truth of being a magical fairy woman. “You and I” felt so good with this cascade dance! “

5. The Foo Fighters are about to release a new “Horror Comedy” called, 666. The feature film will arrive in February. But for now, fans can enjoy the first official spooky trailer below.

The group posted about it on Twitter, saying, “VEGAS NIGHT ONE !!! ICYMI @ Studio666Movie SNEAK PEAK: Studio666Film

6. The Smile, Radiohead’s new band from Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood, aired their last rehearsal on social media this week. Check out some of these transmissions below. Could a new album be released soon?

7. Another celeb collaboration this week featured Nancy Wilson, Jerry Cantrell and Sammy Hagar performing together. The trio performed a 10-minute acoustic jam, which you can see below in all their brooding majesty.

Missy Elliott Photo by David Brendan Hall


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