Musical premiere: Mickey J. Meyer presents “Te Quiero Conmigo”


International film composer, music producer, songwriter, musician and mixing engineer Mickey J. Meyer releases his Latin/pop track, “Te Quiero Conmigo” (I Want You With Me).

A legend of the South Indian film industry, aka Tollywood, Mickey has his sights set on conquering the Western music scene. “Te Quiero Conmigo” is his first international release.

The song’s genesis occurred when Tollywood director and screenwriter Praveena Paruchuri asked Mickey to compose and produce a track for her short story about a “man who meets a woman in New York and how they fall in love and spend some time together.” Thus, ‘Te Quiero Conmigo’ was born.

With over one million monthly Spotify listeners, as well as seven million streams per month, Mickey’s music blends elements of Western and Eastern music into songs tinged with retro and contemporary tones.

Meyer began his career in 2005 composing music for Pothe Ponireleased in 2005, followed by 10th class and Notebook, which were released in 2006. Following these successes, he composed the music for one of the biggest blockbusters in the South Indian film industry, Happy Daysreleased in 2007.

At a time when music was commercial, loud and jarring, Meyer brought a new sound with his score. Since then, Mickey has continued his successful work as a music producer in the South Indian film industry and is currently the most sought after music composer.

Mickey’s hit albums include Kotha Bangaru Lokam, Chiefas well as popular movies such as Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, mukunda, A.AA, Shatamanam Bhavati, mahanati, Oh babyand Shyam Singha Roy – the most watched regional film in the world on Netflix.

“Te Quiero Conmigo” opens with a plush Latin rhythm topped by a sultry female voice, imbuing the lyrics with evocative and seductive timbres that are both inviting and erotic. Pop and sustained touches of color give the melody delicious aromas. Soft, sumptuous colors overlap the haunting rhythm, forming a wickedly voluptuous song.

Mickey J. Meyer is doing it! “Te Quiero Conmigo” dances with luscious leitmotifs on a chic rhythm, highlighting superb vocals.

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