“My body just gave in”



New York singer-songwriter and actress Teyana Taylor was recently hospitalized just before a Connecticut show about her The last rose petal … farewell visit. The artist took to social media to explain the last-minute cancellation and promise a postponed concert.

“Thank you for being so understanding. You all know that Petunia never misses a show and, more importantly, know that I left everything on stage for a month in a row 1000%. So I am really saddened to do so. ‘couldn’t have done the same for you last night,’ she said on Instagram.

“My team and I tried everything until the very last second to get me on stage, but my body just gave in, which started a few days ago,” she continued. “STOP, my body actually betrayed me because a bitch was trying to get on stage 🙄 You all know I’m in deep shit!”

“[Y]“They all saw me with a broken foot and all kinds of crazy stuff but still got on stage and got it in shape 😩😩 But honestly you have to listen to your body and know when to sit down; or he will definitely sit you… .. in the ER 😑 mine sat my ass in the ER for sure, but I have since got the proper fluids and nutrients in my body all night / morning and will take the next ones days off to continue to recover. However, I promise I’ll be back to rescheduled CT and better than ever and all tickets will be honored for yesterday’s show !!!! ”

Taylor announced The last rose petal … farewell visit in September, and made it clear that it would be his last show before retiring from the stage. The announcement came after she underwent emergency surgery in response to cancer issues.

Check out his Instagram update here.



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