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At Nilotpal Bora the music takes you to the green valleys of Assam. The composer, who cites his home country as a major source of inspiration, has composed songs for several popular web shows, including “TVF’s Aspirants”, “Tripling Season 2”, “Yeh Meri Family” and “Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt Ltd”. Recently, a song he composed from the Netflix original movie “Jaadugar” was selected as the anthem of Indian athletes at the Commonwealth Games.

In this interview, the music composer talks about his trip from Assam to Mumbai, his experiences in the music industry, how the digital revolution has opened up opportunities for composers, upcoming projects and more. .

“Shaabash”, a song from the soundtrack you composed for the Netflix original film “Jaadugar”, has been chosen as the anthem of Indian athletes at the Commonwealth Games this year. What do you think prompted the authorities to choose this particular track?

The movie featured a football team that always plays well but doesn’t win any games. However, even when they lose, the public applauds them for their indomitable spirit and the way they played the game. That’s sportsmanship. Even if someone doesn’t win a medal, they should be congratulated for their efforts. The song celebrates the spirit of sport. I guess that made the authorities choose it as the anthem of Indian athletes in the Commonwealth Games.

What was your reaction when you found out?

I was extremely happy. I did this song for the movie and I didn’t expect something like this to happen. I became very moved upon hearing this news. It was a huge honor for me.

You composed the whole soundtrack of ‘Jaadugar’. The songs complemented the film’s narrative very well and also worked well as standalone audio tracks. How was the working process on this film?

I had worked with director Sameer Saxena on a few projects in the past. ‘Yeh Meri Family’ was the first project we worked on. I composed the song ‘Dhaaga’ for the show. “Dhaaga” was used again in “TVF’s Aspirants” and reached a much wider audience through the show. Sameer sir had heard some of my Assamese songs and liked them. When we first met, he told me that my music sounded very organic and different. I also worked on season 2 of Triplings with him.

You had worked on many shows produced by The Viral Fever or TVF.

Yes! Working with them was a brilliant experience. They’ve always trusted me and that’s one of the reasons I feel so comfortable working with them. Every time they ask me to do a song, they don’t look for multiple options. Every song I wrote for them was the first option I gave them.

‘Ishq Ka Haafiz’ from ‘Tripling Season 2’ was one of your most beloved songs.

It was quite a challenge for me to compose this song. In Assam, qawali is not a very popular genre. Although I’ve heard a lot of it, I hadn’t studied that particular genre very closely. I was touched to see the song receiving so much love from listeners. Even today, I receive a lot of messages about him. The song had brilliant lyrics written by Hussain Haidry.

You have largely composed for shows and movies released on streaming platforms. Do you think the rise of OTT platforms has helped a lot of young composers like you to get noticed?

It certainly created more opportunities for musicians. Now, more albums are being produced for shows and movies made for OTT platforms. Unfortunately, music from OTT movies and shows isn’t promoted as much as movie soundtracks. However, things are looking up and in the recent past, music from some OTT shows and movies have been seen to be promoted quite well. In the near future, I hope that music made for digital shows and movies will be promoted more aggressively. Since most of the content on OTT platforms is very good, making music for these shows and movies is a satisfying creative process. I have been working in the digital streaming field since coming to India.

You grew up in Jorhat, a town in Assam. Were you drawn to music from an early age?

My maternal grandfather was a famous composer in Assam. My mother and my aunt were trained in Hindustani classical music. Professionally, both my parents were teachers. When I was in sixth grade, I started learning to play picture. I learned the instrument until I was in twelfth grade. Learn the picture was the only form of formal music training I had. I learned composition and music production on my own. I taught myself to play guitar and keyboards. I learned a lot of things on my own.

When did you come to Bombay?

I worked a lot in Assam. I used to do background music for movies and TV series in Assam. Unlike many other musicians, I didn’t come to Mumbai with big dreams in my eyes. I first visited the city in 2012 to record my Assamese album. I was lucky to get interesting projects in the city. I decided to move to Mumbai and work from here.

What has Assam taught you?

Assam taught me the value of simplicity. The people of Assam are very honest and good natured. There is a certain purity in this country. I am and will always be very close to my roots. My homeland inspired me to become a musician.

Is there a particular musician who inspired you?

There have been several. Some of my favorite artists are Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Bhupen Hazarika and Papon.

What do you do next?

I’m about to start doing live shows actively. I used to do shows in Assam but now I plan to perform all over the country. Outside of movies and shows, I’m working on a lot of independent singles.


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