NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | New double concerto by composer Tan Dun


The piece was commissioned by New century chamber orchestra, Odessa Classics Festival, and Istanbul Music Festival – while the concert was dedicated to all those who suffered and died from the pandemic and racial violence.

“I’ve known Tan Dun for 8 or 9 years,” said violinist Daniel Hope. “He’s a wonderful composer. He’s someone with so much vision. I learned so much from him about the synergy between East and West.”

“I thought it would be wonderful to ask him if he could consider writing a play for New Century. I contacted him and he said yes immediately. The play is full of energy, full of beautiful colors. […] with amazing sounds from that kind of Asian sound world all the way to the West in a way that only Tan Dun can do. “

The piece is adapted from a triple concerto for orchestra that Tan Dun wrote a few years ago.

“Music is my language,” Tan Dun said in an interview with The New York Times. “To me, ‘West’ and ‘East’ are just ways of speaking – or like ways of cooking. I’m a chef, and sometimes I find my recipe is like my orchestrations. It would be so boring if you asked me. to cook in one style, so East and West have become for me a unique recipe in which one plus one equals one.

The program also featured the West Coast premiere of “Elegy (to these we lost)” by composer Aaron Jay Kernis and Ernest Bloch’s Concerto Grosso No. 1.

“It is very poignant to perform a piece that is directly linked to this terrible pandemic,” violinist Daniel Hope said of Elegy.

“I have lost colleagues. A lot of musicians have lost a lot more. The piece is beautifully constructed. It’s haunting, it’s reminiscent, it’s melancholy. It has all the traits of a wonderful piece of music. , when you know that there is that extra connection, that makes it all the more powerful in one way or another, ”he concluded.

(Tan Dun’s Double Concerto starts at 38:24)



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