NEW MUSIC TUESDAY | Violin Concerto No. 2 by composer Darryl Way “The Elements”


Composer Darryl Road recently spoke with The violin chain on his work.

“I wanted to write a piece of program music, like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and I looked for a suitable topic,” Darryl told The Violin Channel.

“I envisioned the ‘Elements’ because it was similar to the Four Seasons, in that it dealt with weather phenomena and was a powerful starting point to start writing.

“The first movement, ‘Tornado’ deals with the incredible destructive forces of the wind and was a good excuse to write some exciting virtuoso passages for the violin. ‘Drought’ deals with the lack of rain and the heartbreaking consequences. However, the only flower in the middle of the desert, at the end of the video of this movement, signifies hope and optimism in the face of grief and sorrow.

“The last movement ‘Flood’ is the opposite of the previous movement, as it deals with the consequences of too much rain. In this movement, I tried to capture the power and force of flood waters and reflect again on its consequences. Unfortunately, with the advent of global warming, weather events like these are on the increase. So this concerto, even unintentionally, reflects the times in which we live and the difficult times that we have to come if we don’t tackle this problem now.

“I just hope the listener is taken on an exhilarating but enjoyable journey.”


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