Nigerian singer Flavor consoles American over scam by impersonator


nigerian musician Flavor recently found himself consoling an American on MTV’s Catfish.

This was after a man posed as Flavor in order to defraud the lady known as Kimberly.

In a video shared on Instagram, Kimberly told the show host that about six months ago she was contacted out of the blue by the scammer.

They started talking in their DMs and he then suggested they communicate via WhatsApp, Kimberly confessed.

She noted that they had been communicating via video chat on the social media platform for months and the scammer exposed a semblance of the singer.

When the producer initially contacted the scammer with Kimberly’s phone, he answered. However, he immediately ended the call.

The producer then contacted Flavor who said he has no idea who Kimberly is.

The ‘Ololufe’ hitmaker sympathized with the lady, noting he felt bad that she and many others who have fallen for such scams have to go through these circumstances because of him.

“I’ve been through stuff like that. I’ve been on shows where fans ask me ‘Do you remember me?’…and I don’t. I feel bad because I don’t want that anyone going through this kind of trauma because of me. All my accounts are verified, I don’t give out my personal information,” Flavor said.

Meanwhile, the Catfish team was finally able to reach the young man posing as Flavor.

He told the team he was a 23-year-old man. He said his goal was to extort money from Kimberly when he had the chance.


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