Nightbirde, “America’s Got Talent” singer, takes stock of the fight against cancer (VIDEO)


Jane “Nightbirde” Marczewski, a America has talent candidate who had to give up the competition in August, spoke about her battle with cancer.

The singer, who received a Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell, spoke to CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday, November 23, where she shared an update on her cancer treatment.

“I wish we could get a miracle faster. It is done slowly, little by little, day after day. I’m a little better, ”she said. “I picked up a test result and a bunch of things in it disappeared. A bunch of big stuff has shrunk, so we’re on the right track. “

Nightbirde had previously survived breast cancer, but before he appeared on AGT in June, she was told the cancer had metastasized to her lungs, spine and liver and her chance of survival was 2%.

She wowed audiences during her audition, where she performed one of her original songs, “It’s Okay”. She received a standing ovation from the judges, as well as Cowell’s coveted Golden Buzzer. However, months later, the Ohio native stepped down from the show to focus on her battle with cancer.

“Life is so imperfect, and there is so much hard and unfair things mixed up, sometimes we don’t recognize that our dreams happen and miracles happen,” the singer said. “The miracle I wanted – I wish I could avoid the pain, for it to go away real quick.”

She added, “There are 100 different miracles in combat. If I only take the sweet tasting ones, I won’t get any miracles at all. So I am grateful for everything I have.

Nightbirde told Cuomo that she treasures the times she has, including being able to spend Thanksgiving with her family.

“Every year I get to be around the table with people I love, it’s such an honor and a gift,” she said. “I shouldn’t be alive right now based on the usual stats. So each year, when this time comes, is special for the whole family. Every moment we breathe is a miracle and a gift.


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