Ogilvy’s new mini-docs tell untold stories of American farmers



The work was done by Emily Clark, Associate Creative Director of Ogilvy.

“As marketers, we have tremendous power in determining who stories are told,” says Clark. “As a queer director, it’s a very meaningful project for me to bring people who haven’t had the opportunity to share their stories to the fore. Andrew and Leon represent an industry that is moving in the right direction. – towards a more inclusive and united world space. “

The video ends with the words: “Let’s make agriculture more inclusive. Corteva supports those who support us all.

“This is a story about farmers and their commitment to the land – their work to cultivate a variety of crops, including nuts and produce, their families and their dedication to the legacy of farming, and how they continue. to grow both personally and professionally, ”Rajan Gajaria, vice president of business platforms at Corteva, wrote on LinkedIn. “Corteva is more than a farming company with diverse employees. We are an agricultural company that recognizes and honors our customers, regardless of their gender, origin, religious views or who they like.”

For ongoing updates on Corteva’s “Heart of the Farm” series on historically under-represented farmers, and to learn more about the company’s commitment to inclusion and equity , visit the website.


Corteva Credits ‘Growing Up With Pride’

Global Brand Leader: Steve Betz
Brand Manager: Amy Myers
Strategic Account Manager: Jill LeVake

Creative Directors: Marcos Kotlhar and Danilo Boer
Associate Creative Director: Emily Clark
Creative Director: Melissa Hoke
Creative Director: Tom Greenwood

Director: Emily Clark
Producer: Gabriella Pizzitola
Music Producer: Joanna Starling
Director of Commercial Affairs: Samantha Norvin

Executive Director, Strategy: Robert Davis
Director, Strategy: Jenifer Cameli

Managing Director: Cindy Lake
Group Executive Director: Emily Maier
Account manager: Justine Yucesan

PD: Nick Kraus
Associate producer: Annie Burns
AC: Stephen de Ropp
Sound mixer: Jon Gederman
Production assistant: James Thornton

Editor: JP Damboragian
Junior Editor: Mackenzie Mauro
Production manager: Amy Selwocki

Mixer: Mat Guido
Colorist: David Torcivia
Composer: Mark Ambor

Enriched with vitamins
Casting director: Katherine Foronjy
Casting Director: Joseph Coburn
Casting Director: Evadne Fulton
Casting director: Mary Anne Driscoll
Casting Director: Justin Wilson



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