“Overnight, it’s gone, it’s all gone”: singer Mira Goto was about to grow up as pandemic took a break


As Spring 2020 loomed, being Mira Goto looked like a bargain. The Santa Cruz-based country artist had been traveling back and forth between his hometown and Nashville for the past few years. And all this sacrifice was beginning to bear fruit.

At home, she had recently received honors from the NEXTies and The Good Times. And at the national level, things looked promising. A new collection of songs called “Nobody Warned Me” was on the horizon and a big marketing push was putting her in shows with Top 40 artists. She was even set to perform at the CMA Music Festival four days later that day. was there.

We all know what happened next.

“It was good to go,” she said, recalling that time. “Then overnight” – she snapped her fingers – “it’s gone, it’s all gone.”

Mira Goto will always see this as more at home than Nashville.

(Kevin Painchaud / Santa Cruz Belvedere)

Like thousands of other entertainers – and millions of other Americans – Goto has seen his life and career frozen by the COVID-19 pandemic. In her case, she feels that she was pinned to the ground just as she was about to reach takeoff.

As the pandemic begins to ebb, Goto is poised to resume her promising singing career and that means happening again. On Saturday night, she again has the chance to connect with local audiences with a live performance at Michael’s on Main in Soquel.

She has also just started traveling regularly to Nashville again. She’s got new music ready to release, she’s booking more performances, and she’s courting country radio. Yet 2020 and its lessons still resonate.

She admits it took her a while to deal with the frustration of March 2020, but “you know, despite all of that, I think we’ve had a pretty good year.”

Refocused on the home she shares with her husband Anthony, “I learned how to make a pretty good margarita. She also went “a little bit crazy”, ordered an inflatable dinosaur costume, and toured her neighborhood to make the kids laugh. Most importantly, she became a mom, giving birth to a boy earlier this spring.

As for his career as a performer and songwriter, “I took it very personally at first, then I realized it didn’t happen to me, it happened to everyone. So I was like, OK, nobody can tour. What is my advantage? “

It turns out that while so many other musicians scrambled to learn more about the live broadcast, Goto had been swimming in that pool for quite some time. “I already had the cameras, tripods and microphones that were out of stock everywhere. “

Along with getting into streaming and engaging even deeper with her online fan base, she outfitted a van with everything she needed to do what she called “mobile gigs” year.

What about the release of the album she was originally planning for August? She released it anyway, but in October. The EP “Nobody Warned Me” was produced by Ken Caillat whose studio career dates back decades – notably, it was designed on the great Fleetwood Mac albums of the 1970s.

“Nobody Warned Me” is a seven song collection that begins with the title track, a beguiling story in which the narrator leaves home for a distant town (mirroring Goto’s first trip to Nashville) with warnings from loved ones on everything except “not about blue eyes / not about a southern drawl / They tried to warn me / But nobody warned me about you.”

“Fine” reflects the heartbreak of abortive love, and “Anybody Else” comes across as a country dance hymn to self-expression and individuality. All material was written by Goto, including “Next Life,” a touching and heartbreaking ballad co-written by her and Louisiana songwriter and performer Marc Broussard.

Mira Goto had her first child, a son, this spring.

Mira Goto had her first child, a son, this spring.

(Kevin Painchaud / Santa Cruz Belvedere)

In addition to giving “Nobody Warned Me” the touring support it didn’t get in 2020, Goto plans to release two more singles, one the first cover song she’s ever recorded, and another titled “Remember This Moment” has made the pandemic all the more poignant.

And, even with her now-extended young family, she plans to be heard in Nashville as often as her schedule allows.

“I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, so this will always be where the cat lives,” she said, “and Nashville will be my place to visit for a long time to come.”


Mira Goto live at Michael sur Main

WHEN: Saturday
WHAT: A show-dinner-show.
DETAILS: Dinner is at 6.30 p.m. and show time is at 8 p.m.

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